Mindfield, 2005
Ceramic Sculpture: paperclay - LoFire.
stainless steel rods, solid aluminium bases.
48”H x 70”W x 48”D
I enjoy the abstract side of sculpture. Japanese culture and philosophy deeply influence my work. I'm drawn to the aesthetic of form, shape, color, and yes, even thought.  Giving shape and substance to something as abstract as an idea is difficult and challenging at the same time.

How do I represent a mind thinking, focusing on this thing and that thing?  What form does it take if its awareness is complete?  What about when it's incomplete, imperfect?  What shape does it have then? I chose the imperfect model, representing human frailty. The final shape took on a very mechanical and industrial feel, almost looking like the sea mines of World War II.  The idea later came to make more of these, group them at different heights into a collection, and name them “Mindfield” - a play on the word “minefield.”

I chose the color red for its strength, energy and spirit.
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Ink & Clay 32, 2006. Kellogg Art Gallery