Potential, 2007
Ceramic Sculpture: paperclay,
Black Mountain sculpture clay,
Southern Ice Porcelain paperclay.
Flashing slip, Iron oxide. No glaze - High Fire
11”H x 16”L x 10”D
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Many times, what is beautiful and delicate within something is obscured by its very rough and textured outside, just like the fibrous, tough coat of a seed protecting its precious cargo. It’s the potential of what can be, given the chance.

Except for flashing slip on the “knobs” and an overall iron oxide wash, no glazes are used. I've used different clay bodies here for their different textures, colors and handling properties. As a paperclay sculptor, I incorporate other clays into my pieces to create excitement and contrast. I enjoy the interplay of the clay's natural colors - I say, “Let the clay speak for itself. I am beautiful the way I am. Don't mess me up with a glaze, please!!”
A light coat of water based satin polyurethane seals the surface and adds a bit of sheen to the outer seed pod. The perforated internal sphere is Southern Ice porcelain paperclay.
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CSUF Grand Central Art Center, 2007
Ink & Clay 34, Kellogg Art  Gallery, 2008