One Lifetime, 2008
Ceramic Sculpture: paperclay,
“Grogzilla” sculpture clay,
Black Mountain sculpture clay,
Southern Ice Porcelain paperclay.
Iron oxide, Cobalt oxide, Beaded White glaze - High fire
24”H x 11”W x 8”D
“One LifeTime” continues my “Spirit Vessel” series by capturing my thoughts of what it's like to be born, to live out our lives, and to leave the physical home we call our body. This piece is deeply influenced by my Buddhist upbringing, with a few interpretations of my own:

• The outer, roughly-textured pod is covered with large, defensive, thorn-like structures representing our resistance to being born/reborn. Our spirit, the white structure, still finds a way in through the aperture at the top of the pod.

• Smooth, white porcelain clay portrays the innocence and purity of our initial journey. As we go through the twists and turns in our lives, we lose this innocence; our journey cracked and pitted.

• Small black spikes line the entire interior of the pod showing the internal battles we fight far outnumber what the world throws at us.  Nobody sees or knows of this personal struggle except ourselves.

• A long life affords us a longer stay inside this pod. At any point in this journey, cross braces exist which cut short the journey and present a way out. The texture of the white porcelain clay turns smooth again as we exit in a graceful arc through the same aperture we entered.

This piece is dedicated to Nathan Loyola (1985 - 2007) who inhabited this pod for just a blink of an eye. I felt compelled to create such an emotional piece, for all the people who have come and gone during my lifetime.
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Dedicated to Nathan Loyola (1985 - 2007)
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