We Keep On Hurting *, 2007
Ceramic Sculpture: paperclay - Raku.
Set of 3 pods with spikes piercing one another.
12”H x 15W x 14”D
Leafing through the newpapers which I use for covering my worktable, I came across several pages of obituaries of our young men who have been killed in the war in Iraq. Young lives cut short, their ultimate sacrifice. What struck me was man's inhumanity against man throughout the ages. When will we ever learn?

“I hurt you. You hurt me. We keep on hurting, one and two and three.
Don't we know  that we are very much the same?
When will we see thru our silly game?”
* (This is actually the full title of the piece)

This painful, emotional piece is the result.  Spikes from each pod pierce one another.  Holes are ripped into each pod. The color of the raku glaze is deliberate. When we kill another human being, we kill part of ourself.

There is a Malay proverb that goes like this - (translated)
“When two elephants fight, it is the mousedeer that suffers”
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