En - Circles Within Circles, 2007
Ceramic Sculpture: paperclay - Raku
Ring - 14” dia. set an an angle to the base (removable).
Base - 21”L x 7”W. Total height - 22”H
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The shape of the circle (En or Enso) is very prevalent in Zen philosophy. In the simplest terms, it represents the “all”, the infinite; never ending, never starting. It is a symbol that embodies the Zen paradox; for example, the visible and the hidden, the simple and the profound, the empty and the full. It is usually done in one quick brush stroke, but within that seemingly simple mark of ink on paper, everything about the artist is revealed.

When one achieves enlightenment in one thing, one achieves it in everything. A teacher of mine shared these words with me a long time ago, way before I understood what he meant. "When there is no (the Japanese word is "mu" or emptiness)-thing, there is everything". I do not understand Zen, however I find this shape pleasing. It is my interpretation of this beauty.
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