Daily Assault, 2007
Ceramic Sculpture: paperclay,
Black Mountain sculpture clay.
Hi Fire. Iron oxide, no glaze.
20mm caliber cartridge.
Ring - 12” dia.(removable)
Base - 20”L x 5”W. Total height - 20.5”H
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I've been wanting to do this piece for a very long time. It has gone thru several transformations from my original sketch to this final form. All of us can relate to the daily challenges and assaults that confront and bombard us. “Daily Assault” is a ring pierced with bullet holes sitting on top of an armored plated arch. A single shiny 20 mm. machine gun cartridge sits solemnly at the base of the sculpture, bisecting the piece into a near perfect symmetry. The pierced ring of sculpture paperclay made to look like cracked rust plays against a beautifully dark colored sculpture clay, made even darker with oxide application. The shiny cartridge brings home the daily threat we face. “Everyday each of us face our own battles, ranging from problems at work, in the family, in our relationships, financial, heatlh, social isues, etc. The armor affords us some protection, but it's not always 100% bulletproof.”
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CSUF Grand Central Art Center, 2007
Upstream People Gallery, 2008
McGroarty Art Center, 2008